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When surfing the internet in search of expert information, it’s easy to get lost & disheartened when faced with a sea of videos featuring sub-par or unlicensed hobbyists each claiming to ‘teach’ nail techniques. There are safety & sanitation guidelines, tried & true application methods & immeasurable creativity all relating to this artform that mean most laws require at least 600+ hours of in-school training just to qualify to take a test for licensing. Most of the information currently available to viewers can be unprofessional, unsafe, unsanitary & unperfected. To wade through this vast array of videos & information can take months or years to find what you’re looking for.

At you can feel confident that the information you’re receiving is factual, the techniques tried & true & the instruction…second to none. World famous veteran competitors, judges, educators, authors & industry gurus come together from every corner of the globe & together they share their passion for this art form & the global community it has garnered. The information provided is not only mind blowing & carefully explained, but also entertaining.

Meet the artists behind the education. Learn everything from basic applications to master level art techniques. Find advice on growing a business, opening a salon or preparing for retirement. Check up on industry news, celebrity sightings & participate in LIVE events, which you can join for FREE. Find resources & ask questions. You’ll be amazed at the difference in EDUCATION & the VALUE you receive when subscribing to This is your nail industry resource for ARTISTIC EXPRESSION & FACTUAL INFORMATION. It’s the first EVER true GLOBAL nail community.


Alisha Rimando


“My dream of GlossaryLive is a place I can share my passion & knowledge of this industry & its history, celebrate my fellow artist, & come together as a global nail community.  It’s time to learn, grow & inspire together.”

In 1995 Alisha Rimando started her journey in the nail industry working in a salon & soon became an educator.  She immediately fell in love with teaching & found herself traveling the world as an educator, competitor & hand model for World Champion, Tom Holcomb.  Working alongside him, she studied his techniques & after 10 years she achieved her World Championship title in 2005 in the art of pink & white sculptured nails…
In 2008 Alisha moved to New York & took another leap in her career by contributing to the 6th edition of Milady Nail Technology.  Since 2008 Alisha has authored &/or contributed to more than 10 textbooks & supplements for Cengage Learning including Standard Cosmetology & continues this honor year after year.

Being so close to NYC, Alisha became a session artist for magazines, designers at NY Fashion Week & was even featured in Jennifer Hudson’s Spotlight video.  She spent three years as Training Director for Elizabeth Arden Red Door Spas where she earned her reflexology license & trained over 360 nail technicians in 31 locations across the USA in the art of natural nailcare.

When her mentor & best friend, Tom Holcomb passed in 2011, she was compelled to rejoin the professional market & resume teaching the methods of nail enhancements he had taught her.  Over her vast 28+ year career, her work has been featured in hundreds of trade publications worldwide & she has conducted training seminars for nail students, professionals, & top educators in more than 25 countries.

Now she brings her experience & passion for the industry to, a passion project to honor her mentor & celebrate the nail artists of the world.

Alex Fox

Editor At Large

“Moving into digital media to honour global nail artists, unearth innovation, & inspire with fact-based education is the perfect leap forward for my career & this industry.”

After a small stint working in Brooklyn, New York, Alex Fox began her career in journalism in 1993 working on photographic titles. In 1998, she embraced a role on the first UK trade nail magazine, Nails Plus where she headed a team of 10 as editorial director, & hosted The Nail Championships in Earls Court, London.
In 2003, Alex co-founded the UK’s Scratch magazine, a trade title for hand, nail and footcare professionals. Seeing a niche in the ceremonial sector, in 2012, Alex helped conceive and develop the Scratch Stars Awards, devised to recognise outstanding talent in the UK nail industry. She then spearheaded the first consumer nail title, Gloss, and originated Scratch Middle East magazine in 2014, while living abroad for 10 years in Qatar.

Alex returned to the UK as Scratch’s editor-in-chief and global director for Nailympia CompetitionsGiving nail education a new twist, Alex joined forces with industry professionals & co-founders of the FNP, Marian Newman and Jennie Nippard, to offer a unique annual 5-day education event, called Nail Safari, located on her family zoo.

Now firmly planted in the nail industry and sitting on the volunteer board of the UK’s Federation of Nail Professionals (FNP), Alex is passionate about raising standards while celebrating global nail artists through