In Memory of Industry Legend

Tom Holcomb

Tom Holcomb, the legend, the icon, the master of the artificial nail, was no doubt gifted by the gods in everything he touched.  From hair cutting and color to cooking his famous ‘roast beast’, or softball-sized meatballs, flower arrangements or interior design, Tom was a true artist.  His best talent, the one we will never forget, is how he was with people.  Tom had a true love for life and the human spirit.  He made everyone he met feel comfortable right away.  He was an immediate friend and confidant. He had a way that made people bring down their guard. And laugh… he knew just how to make a person laugh.  His love for life was contagious. He gave those around him confidence, because he believed in them.  Being close to him felt like the sun shining directly on you.


My life was forever altered because of Tom and the time that we spent together.  He was my partner in this industry, in this life for 17 years.  He was my mentor, my friend, my companion, my brother, my heart.  Throughout our relationship I was his model, his business partner, his roommate, his manager, his student.  At times we were inseparable and at others fighting like brother and sister.  In every moment there was love.

He truly was the best nail artist I’ve ever known and possibly the most talented and gifted person I will meet in this lifetime.  My favorite memories of him weren’t from the shows or the classroom, it was the thousands of hours we spent in conversation.  Whether it was over dinner or just laying on the floor in our pajamas staying up ‘til the dawn telling stories. He listened, he understood, he always cared and we ALWAYS laughed.

I will miss my friend today and forever, but will never forget the most important lessons he taught me by example.  The lessons I will pass onto my children:

Live life to the fullest.  Don’t let fear stand in your way.  Take the challenge.  Follow your heart.  Stand proud.  LOVE, LIVE, LAUGH, TRAVEL, EXPERIENCE.  Tom never saved the good dishes, he used them EVERY DAY!

There isn’t a day that goes by, or nail that I make, that I don’t think about him and silently thank him for all that he gave me in this life.

He passed on his skill to an entire generation of nail technicians who helped raise industry standards, and innovate products. His hand, his technique, his words, his unique teaching style inspired so many to compete, to teach, to take their careers beyond the table, and this is the legacy we continue at

Here we will share, tell the history, teach nails, celebrate technicians, and showcase the greatness of educators around the world who have dedicated their life to this craft.  Here we will honor the icons that created the foundation of our industry and discover the young raw talent that is emerging.  Here we will never forget, never stop growing, and never stop pushing the envelope.  We will always remember, and honor the life and legacy of Tom Holcomb.

XOXO, Alisha