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GlossaryLive Glossary Term Builder Gel
GlossaryLive Glossary Term Builder Gel

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BUILDER GEL [bill-dher-jel]

What it is: A partially polymerized acrylate, with a thick gel-like consistency, that includes a photoinitiator that fully cures or polymerizes when exposed to a specialized range of UV or LED light.
How to use it: Used to build structure in a nail enhancement or as a nail art medium.
How to apply it: Applied from a pot with a gel brush, or from a bottle, the gel is floated onto a nail form or over a nail tip to strengthen, extend and build structure in a nail enhancement, before being cured in a lamp. Also used with gel art brushes to create nail designs.
How to remove it: File off according the manufacturer’s instructions.
How to store it: Store with lids tightly closed in a cool, dry place and keep away from heat and light.