Glossary Terms


CUTICLE OIL [kyoo-ti-kuhl oil]

What it is: A cosmetic grade oil formulated to increase flexibility in the natural nail to nourish, condition & soften the surrounding skin & encourage cellular renewal.
How to use it: Proprietary oil blends vary according to manufacturer & their efficacy is determined by the ingredients used in the formulations.
How to apply it: Used to finish all nail services to nourish, condition & soften the surrounding skin & the natural nail. Also used as a retail product for clients to use at home.
How to remove it: Apply the cuticle oil to the nail & surounding skin with a fresh cotton swab or drip directly onto the cuticle area. Massage the oil into the skin to increase blood circulation to stimulate the matrix
How to store it: Store in a cool dark place away from heat & light.
How to disinfect: Wash hands with soap & water.