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GlossaryLive Glossary Term Carbide E-file Bits
GlossaryLive Glossary Term Carbide E-file Bits

CARBIDE E-FILE BITS [kahr-bahyd, e-fahyl, bits]

What it is: Made of carbide metal, which is 20 times stronger than steel. They have flute-like cuts along the body, used to shave the enhancement product off and not scratch it. The flutes determine the grit. Large flutes are coarse, while shallower flutes are commonly finer.
How to use it: A popular choice for removing nail enhancement product because it produces larger particles that fall to the nail desk and generates less heat on the nail. Electric file education is recommended before used on clients.
How to apply it: Inserted into the chuck on a handpiece of an e-file.
How to clean it: If nail product is attached, soak in acetone. Then wash with soap and water while scrubbing with a nail brush and dry. Then immerse in disinfectant following manufacturer’s instructions.
How to store it: Store in a covered container.