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E-FILE [e-fahyl]

What it is: An electric-powered nail drill that contains a handpiece, a motor and a series of interchangeable drill bits. The direction of rotation and speed can be controlled on the motor during use by adjusting the controls on the motor or with some machines speed can be controlled with a foot pedal.
How to use: This rotary tool is designed to help nail technicians shape, smooth or remove artificial nail products as well as exfoliate calluses and cuticles, and prepare the nail plate for artificial nail services. With the proper training and education, an e-file can save time and money while decreasing repetitive strain injury on hands, wrists and shoulders from hand-filing.
How to apply: After proper training with the manufacturer use in professional salon services as directed.
How to clean: Clean according to manufacturer’s direction.
How to store: To store, turn off the machine, remove the nail bit from the chuck, and store the handpeice securly to avoid damage.


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