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GlossaryLive Liner Brush
GlossaryLive Liner Brush

LINER BRUSH [lahy-ner, bruhsh]

What it is: A nail art brush with a small ferrule sized #00 – #01, which houses a small amount of hairs or bristles that are longer than a traditional detail brush, usually 10-30mm in length.
How to use it: Used for painting fine lines and outlining when creating nail art designs.
How to apply it: Load the brush with paint or colored gel and drag along the nail to create a straight line or outline.
How to clean it: Clean or disinfect according to the product used in the brush. Nail artists will designate one liner brush per art medium used, for example one brush for gel, one for acrylic paints etc.
How to store it: Bring hairs together and cover with a cap or store in a container where hair is upright, to avoid damaged.