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Giselle Caballero

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Giselle Caballero

Originally from Mexico City, Giselle Caballero married & moved to Kelowna, BC, Canada. Nails soon became her passion & she opened Ego Beauty Academy & Studio in 2015. Giselle teaches one-on-one training in the latest nail trends & offers bespoke services at the highest quality to her clients. In 2020, Caballero won NAILS Next Top Nail Artist for Season 7.


  • HD Pro Prep It!
  • HD Pro Flex It! in Cover Peach
  • HD Pro Matt It!
  • HD Pro Art Gel in Graphite, Mauve, Fuchsia Pink, Casper, Sterling
  • HD Compact Chrome in Silver
  • Akzentz Hybrid Pro Lamp


Start with a base of your favorite shade of pink gel polish and cure, depending on the gel that you’re using, you may need a few coats to get full opacity.

Apply a layer of foil gel and cure.

Gently wipe off the back of your transfer foil with 99% IPA, prior to using the foil (I’m using a kaleidoscopic silver foil). Then press the foil onto the nail in a touch-and-go motion across the entire surface. Apply top coat and cure.

Create a Barbie-inspired ‘B’ design. Once you’re happy with it, sprinkle acrylic powder over it.

Saturate with gel paint and cure. Then remove excess powder.

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To complete the design, place jewelry gel where you want your crystal embellishment. This will elevate the overall look of the design. Add your crystal and cure.

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