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GEL POLISH [jel-pol-ish]

What it is: A chip-resistant brush-on pigmented oligomer in an opaque bottle or pot that cures when exposed to UV or LED light.
How to use it: Developed to create long-lasting, durable nail color. Use on clients that want a chip-resistant polish for 2-3 weeks of wear. Dries immediately once cured.

How to apply it: Most often used with a base coat, then 2 layers of color, then finished with a shiny or matte top coat with each layer being cured.

How to remove it: Apply acetone or product remover to a cotton pad, gently press to the nail & wrap with a foil. Soak according to manufacturer’s instructions.
How to store it: Store with lids tightly closed in a cool, dry place & keep away from heat & light.


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