Season 5, Sole to Soul

Cleanse & Revitalize your Energy

sole to soul

Inga Lamb

Inga Lamb, Your Inner Healer, utilizes shamanic healing to solve the mental health pandemic and cure our ‘burnout’ crisis. A fully trained shaman and a teacher for 22 years, Inga is passionate about healing and setting troubled beings free from trauma. In this mini series she highlights quick and easy techniques to alleviate and release tension and anxiety in order to perform to the best of your ability for you and your clients in the salon.

Cleanse & Revitalize your Energy

Explore two powerful techniques to protect and cleanse you from other people’s energy. When we come into contact with another person, we exchange energy. This is a natural process, but when this energy is low, it can be draining on our energy reserves. Working with clients in close proximity means you need to protect your energy field with the golden cloak exercise and cleanse your working space. When a client leaves, they can leave some of their energy behind, use this technique to do a quick cleanse of the space.

"There are easy practices you can do, that take just minutes, that will help you engergize & release tension before, during or after your day in the salon."



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