Will Heisman Trophy Winner, Caleb Williams, Don Nail Art for the NFL Draft on April 25th?


Will Heisman Trophy Winner, Caleb Williams, Don Nail Art for the NFL Draft on April 25th?

Keurig Dr Pepper

Article by Karen Gainey | Published in 2024

In the world of sports, intimidation tactics are as old as time itself. From ancient Babylonian warriors to modern-day athletes, the psychological game is just as crucial as the physical one. Enter Caleb Williams, the football phenom who’s not only dominating on the field but also making waves with his unexpected style statement: nail art.

Drawing inspiration from the ancient warriors who used ground minerals to strike fear into the hearts of their enemies, Williams has found his own unique way to demoralize opponents. In an interview with USC legend Matt Leinart on CBS, Williams revealed that his mom’s career as a nail technician has been a lifelong influence. “It’s just kind of always been around me. Nobody else does it. I just kinda like to do new things,” he shared.

Jordon Kelly Icon Sportswire


For Williams, nail art isn’t just a fashion statement—it’s a mindset. “You gotta keep your hands fresh,” he emphasized. “This is where all the gold comes from.” With each game, Williams adorns his nails with a new message, sending a clear signal to his adversaries: he’s here to dominate, both on and off the field.

And the results speak for themselves. Williams’s unconventional approach to self-expression hasn’t gone unnoticed. With his stellar performance, he’s not only in the running for a second Heisman Trophy but also a potential first-round pick for the Bears—an impressive feat for any athlete.


At GlossaryLive, we celebrate trendsetters like Caleb Williams who aren’t afraid to push the boundaries and redefine what it means to be a sports icon. His boldness, both in his game and his style, serves as a reminder that greatness knows no limits—and sometimes, it’s the unexpected touches that leave the greatest impact.

Jenny Bui | Artist of the Month


Jenny Bui

Cardi B's Nail Artist Jenny Bui: From Refugee to Queen of Bling

Article by Alex Fox | Published in 2024

Jenny Bui’s rise from a childhood of poverty and turmoil in Cambodia to becoming the celebrated nail artist behind Cardi B’s iconic stiletto jeweled nail looks is a story of resilience, determination, and unwavering passion. Born around 1970 in Cambodia to Chinese parents, Jenny’s early years were marked by hardship and strife. At the age of five, her family’s world was shattered by the onset of the Khmer Rouge regime, plunging them into a harrowing struggle for survival. Fleeing the horrors of genocide, Jenny and her family embarked on a perilous journey, seeking refuge in Thailand and later Vietnam.

Despite facing unimaginable challenges and the tragic loss of loved ones, Jenny’s indomitable spirit propelled her forward. At the age of 14, she immigrated to Montreal, Canada, where she worked tirelessly to support her family, taking on various jobs from waiting tables to working in a dental office. It was during this time that Jenny’s journey into the world of beauty began to take shape.

After settling in the Bronx, New York, Jenny pursued her passion for cosmetology, initially intending to focus on hairstyling. However, her path took a fortuitous turn when she discovered a newfound fascination with nail artistry. Drawing inspiration from her Cambodian heritage and a desire to infuse glamour into her creations, Jenny honed her craft, developing her signature style characterized by intricate designs and Swarovski crystal embellishments.

In the early 2000s, Jenny opened her first nail salon in the Bronx, but it was in Harlem where she truly made her mark. Despite facing discrimination and adversity, Jenny persevered, earning a reputation as the go-to nail artist for bold, blinged-out designs. Her clientele soon expanded to include celebrities like Cardi B, whose partnership with Jenny propelled her into the spotlight and cemented her status as the ‘Queen of Bling’.

Driven by a passion for her craft and a desire to empower others, Jenny has become a trailblazer in the nail industry, sharing her expertise as an educator and entrepreneur. Her commitment to excellence and dedication to her clients have earned her accolades and recognition, including the prestigious Nail Artist Influencer of the Year award at the 2019 American Influencer Awards.

Despite her success, Jenny remains grounded, prioritizing her role as a mother and her commitment to her family above all else. As she reflects on her journey, Jenny’s resilience and determination shine through, serving as an inspiration to aspiring nail artists around the world.

Looking ahead, Jenny’s dreams extend beyond the confines of her salon walls. With plans to travel the world and share her expertise through teaching and collaboration, Jenny’s legacy as the Queen of Bling is destined to endure, leaving an indelible mark on the world of nail artistry.

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Color Pop Nails the Latest Trend


Color Pop Nails the Latest Trend

Spring Nail Trend Alert: Embrace 'Color Pop' Nails for a Vibrant Seasonal Makeover

@na.nailsartist (Chile)

Article by Alex Fox | Published in 2024

As the sun begins to shine and flowers bloom, there’s nothing quite like the feeling of freshly done nails-especially when they’re adorned with a burst of vibrant colors, ushering in the joyful spirit of spring.

Introducing: ‘color pop’ nails. This trend is the epitome of transitional style, seamlessly guiding you from the depths of winter to the freshness of spring. Say goodbye to subdued hues and hello to an explosion of fun and personality. While sheer nail looks have dominated the scene in recent years, ‘color pop’ nails take it up a notch with their playful twist.

@loveibizanl (The Netherlands)

@pleasing (UK) nails by @saffrongoddard

Pastels take center stage in this trend, but with a contemporary twist. Think modern shapes and unexpected color combinations with crystals that add an element of excitement to your fingertips. From soft pinks to baby blues, pastels undergo a chic transformation as they mingle with bold and contrasting shades.

According to industry experts, pops of color in nail trends often follow the seasons and reflect our changing moods. With spring in the air, there’s no better time to embrace the uplifting power of vibrant hues. Pastels remain perennial favorites, capturing the essence of the season’s renewal and rebirth.

Adding color to your nails also proffers a huge boost to your overall well being. The simple act of painting your nails in cheerful shades can be a form of self-care, providing a moment of relaxation and creativity in your day. Plus, seeing bright colors on your fingertips throughout the day serves as a constant reminder of the beauty and joy of the season.

Nail art is known for the power it wields for self-expression and individuality, empowering individuals to showcase their personality and creativity. Whether one opts for subtle pastels or bold and vibrant shades this spring, choose to reflect your unique style and mood.

@britneytokyo (USA)

@linyatricks (Poland)

Incorporating spring color nails into a self-care routine can help alleviate stress, reduce anxiety,and improve overall mental health. So, choose spring-inspired hues and let your nails become a source of joy and wellbeing. After all, a little splash of color can go a long way in brightening your day and nourishing your soul.

Whether you opt for a daring mix of colors or a subtle accent nail, ‘color pop’ nails are sure to inject a dose of energy and positivity into your look. So, why not let your nails be the canvas for your springtime adventures? Say goodbye to the winter blues and hello to a world of vibrant possibilities with this season’s hottest nail trend.

Nailympia Vietnam 2024


Nailympia Vietnam 2024

Chào mừng bạn đến nguồn tài nguyên ngành móng tay đầu tiên về sự sáng tạo nghệ thuật và thông tin chính xác.

Article by GlossaryLive | Published in 2024

Welcome to GlossaryLive!

Chúng tôi rất vui mừng được tham gia vào Nailympia Vietnam 2024, chúng tôi muốn gửi lời chúc may mắn và thành công nhất đến tất cả các vận động viên và khách tham dự, hy vọng bạn có một trải nghiệm vui vẻ để phát triển, học hỏi và vui vẻ! Chúc mọi điều tốt lành.

Tại GlossaryLive.com, tìm thấy niềm tin không giới hạn vào thông tin chính xác, kỹ thuật đã được thử nghiệm và hướng dẫn hàng đầu. Các cựu chiến binh nổi tiếng, giám định viên, giáo viên, tác giả và các chuyên gia trong ngành hợp lại trên toàn thế giới để chia sẻ niềm đam mê và chuyên môn của họ. Mong đợi sự hiểu biết kinh ngạc, giải trí và giải thích cẩn thận. Gặp gỡ các nghệ sĩ, học từ cơ bản đến kỹ thuật cấp cao và nhận được lời khuyên kinh doanh quý giá. Cập nhật với tin tức ngành công nghiệp, các sự kiện thấy ngôi sao và sự kiện trực tiếp MIỄN PHÍ. GlossaryLive.com là tài nguyên cuối cùng của bạn cho sự biểu đạt nghệ thuật và thông tin đáng tin cậy, thiết lập cộng đồng móng tay toàn cầu đầu tiên thực sự.

Khám phá GlossaryLive University! Một nền tảng mới nổi mà bạn sẽ tìm thấy các khóa đào tạo, hội thảo và các khóa học giáo dục được thiết kế đặc biệt cho bạn. Mục tiêu của chúng tôi là cung cấp cho bạn quyền truy cập trực tiếp vào giáo dục từ các thương hiệu và công ty hàng đầu trong ngành, được hướng dẫn bởi đại diện và chuyên gia của họ. Ví dụ, Marilyn García sẽ hướng dẫn bạn từng bước trong mỗi lớp học để bạn có thể tìm hiểu về tính linh hoạt được cung cấp bởi các sản phẩm CUCCIO, cũng như các kỹ thuật xử lý và mẹo hữu ích cho salon. Đừng ngần ngại khám phá và tiến bước vào sự nghiệp chuyên nghiệp của bạn! Các thành viên Premium thưởng thức những ưu đãi độc quyền trên các khóa học của Trường Đại học GlossaryLive, mở khóa giá trị và tiết kiệm lớn hơn cho hành trình học tập của họ.


We’re so excited to be part of Nailympia Vietnam 2024, we want to wish the best luck and success to all competitors and attendees, hoping you have a joyful experience to grow, learn and have fun! All the best.

At GlossaryLive.com, find unparalleled confidence in factual information, tried-and-true techniques, and top-notch instruction. Renowned veterans, judges, educators, authors, and industry experts unite worldwide to share their passion and expertise. Expect mind-blowing, entertaining, and carefully explained insights. Meet artists, learn from basic to master-level techniques, and gain valuable business advice. Stay updated with industry news, celebrity sightings, and FREE live events. GlossaryLive.com is your ultimate resource for artistic expression and reliable information, establishing the first true global nail community.

Discover GlossaryLive University! An emerging platform where you will find trainings, workshops, and educational courses specially designed for you. Our goal is to provide you with direct access to education from the leading brands and companies in the industry, guided by their representatives and experts. For example, Marilyn García will guide you step by step in each class so you can learn about the versatility offered by CUCCIO products, as well as their handling techniques and useful tips for the salon. Don’t hesitate to explore and take the next step in your professional career! Premium members enjoy exclusive discounts on GlossaryLive University courses, unlocking even greater value and savings for their educational journey.

Everything you want to know about nails, in one place!


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What is a reverse french application?


What is a reverse french application?

Perfect French Nails: White to Pink Transition

Article by Alisha Rimando | Published in 2023

Most French enhancement techniques teach the tech to apply white at the free-edge and create the smile line. Then the pink is added to the nail plate and the two are connected. In a reverse application, you add the pink to the nail bed and create a reverse smile line. Some let this dry and file it clean and smooth before adding a form and the white extension. The benefit to this technique is being able to push the white directly against the pink to create a clean line. This technique was originally created for applying cover pink powders. It can also be beneficial when sculpting gel.

Beauterra – The Ultimate Beauty Companion


Beauterra - The Ultimate Beauty Companion

Unlocking & Exploring the Beauty Universe Inside The Beauterra App

Article by Alex Fox | Published in 2024

Are you a beauty professional looking to streamline your booking process and expand your client base? Or perhaps you’re a client seeking a hassle-free way to book appointments with top-notch beauty experts? Look no further than Beauterra – the revolutionary new app designed to simplify communication and booking between beauty artists/aestheticians and clients.

Launched on September 4, 2023, Beauterra is a free-to-use platform that caters to a wide range of beauty services, including nail, hair, barbering, brows, lashes, make-up, massage, and aesthetics. Whether you’re a seasoned pro or a newcomer in the industry, Beauterra offers a seamless experience for both parties.

For beauty professionals, listing services and appointment times is a breeze. Simply download the app, register with your expertise, provide your business address, or specify mobile services and covered areas. Once registered, you can easily manage your availability through the integrated calendar, importable from your smartphone’s calendar app. Additionally, you can showcase your work through photos, allowing clients to explore your styles and offerings before booking.

“The listings and bookings calendar reduces the need for multiple apps and simplifies the experience for both artists and clients,” says Natalie Lomakina, the visionary behind Beauterra. Natalie’s personal struggle to find a reliable nail artist inspired her to create a platform that connects clients with independent beauty professionals seamlessly.

Development for Beauterra began in May 2023, with Natalie, joined by co-founder Andreea Simona Ignat, an award-winning nail artist, and Valery Ponomarenko, a seasoned mobile app developer. Together, they envisioned a platform that caters to the diverse needs of both beauty professionals and clients.

Beauterra not only simplifies the booking process but also prioritizes user experience. Clients can easily browse through a list of beauty professionals, check their availability, and make bookings with just a few taps. The app also includes a client rating system, allowing users to leave feedback for fellow professionals.

“With Beauterra, we aim to create a beauty universe where every enthusiast – pro or client – can fulfil their beauty and wellbeing goals via a single app,” cites Natalie.

But Beauterra doesn’t stop there. The team behind the app is constantly innovating, with plans to introduce new features such as auto-booking, salon bookings, subscription services, and the ability to buy and sell courses all coming soon to the platform. Beauterra is not just an app; it’s a comprehensive solution that revolutionizes the beauty industry.

So whether you’re a beauty professional looking to expand your clientele or a client seeking top-tier beauty services, download Beauterra today and experience the future of beauty booking. Say goodbye to tedious booking processes and hello to a world of beauty at your fingertips.

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From Red Carpet to Fingertips


From Red Carpet to Fingertips

Embracing the Metal and Chain Fashion Trend in Nail Art

Article by Alisha Rimando | Published in 2024

The 2024 awards season was not just a showcase of cinematic excellence and musical talent; it also served as a platform for the emergence of a bold and captivating fashion trend: metal and chains. From the glitz and glamour of the Golden Globes to the high-energy spectacle of the Grammy Awards and the iconic elegance of the Oscars, the red carpet became a runway for celebrities to showcase their innovative interpretations of this trend. As the trend continues to captivate fashion enthusiasts worldwide, it’s only natural for GlossaryLive to explore how it translates into other realms of nail art styling.

At the Golden Globes, Hollywood’s elite dazzled audiences with their avant-garde interpretations of the metallic trend. Gowns adorned in metallic sequins and mesh with intricate metal details set the stage for a night of opulence and glamour. Inspired by these elegant displays, GlossaryLive’s resident nail artist Aigul Fritzke incorporated metallic accents onto soft nude and white nail designs for a more conservative complement to the metallic nod.

Conservative nails by Aigul Fritzke

The Grammy Awards, known for its celebration of creativity and individuality, provided the perfect backdrop for musicians and performers to push the boundaries of fashion. Artists embraced the metal and chain trend with enthusiasm, incorporating silver metallic looks from head to toe and donning edgy chain ensembles revealing almost all. Taking cues from these daring looks, we experimented with metallic gel polishes and chain accents to create a haute couture design that reflected the fearless spirit of Miley Cyrus at the Grammy Awards.

Haute Couture nails by Aigul Fritzke

As the awards season culminated in the prestigious Oscars ceremony, the metal and chain trend reached new heights of sophistication and elegance. Hollywood’s leading ladies graced the red carpet in reflective couture creations to continue the metallic movement.  Inspired by the delicate feminine hue of America Ferrera’s sequined gown GlossaryLive created a romantic rosette nail look to compliment the timeless glamour of the Oscars red carpet.

Fashionista nails by Aigul Fritzke

For those looking to incorporate the metal and chain trend into their nail art repertoire, there are countless ways to experiment and express creativity. Consider using metallic nail polishes in shades of gold, silver, and bronze to achieve a luxe, reflective finish. Add dimension and texture with metallic foils, studs, and chains, layering them over gel polish or chrome for a multi-dimensional effect. Experiment with chain accents along the cuticle or tips for a modern twist on classic colors.

Whether you’re channeling the glamour of the Golden Globes, the edgy energy of the Grammy Awards, or the timeless elegance of the Oscars, embracing the metal and chain trend in nail art allows your clients to make a bold statement and express their individual style. So why not take inspiration from the red carpet and let your nail looks steal the spotlight? With a little creativity and a touch of metallic flair, you can elevate your nail services to red carpet-worthy status and shine bright like a Hollywood star.

Expanding Horizons The Journey from Online to Storefront


Expanding Horizons The Journey from Online to Storefront

The Evolution of a Nail Entrepreneur From Salon to Global Education & Distribution

Article by Alex Fox | Published in 2024

In the ever-evolving landscape of retail, adaptation is not just a strategy, but a necessity. For one niche distributor of premium nail products, Gina Silvestro of Gel Essentialz, this journey has been both exciting and transformative. What started as a modest online store nestled within the confines of a salon has now blossomed into a bustling distribution center, offering a unique shopping experience for both online and in-person customers.

“Previously, the distribution business operated as an online store, with the office and stockroom situated in the lower level of the salon,” relays Gina. “Initially specializing in Akzentz, the business now offers Erica’s, Profiles, Luminary, HD Pro, Light Elegance, Ugly Duckling, Staleks, Nippon Nippers, Kokoist & Nail Thoughts brands, therefore, as it’s burgeoned we needed more space, which prompted a search for new premises.”

The quest for a new location led Gina to a serendipitous discovery. “The building adjacent to my residence was up for lease. Formerly a real estate office, its layout and potential were ripe for transformation into a vibrant storefront. And so, we breathed new life into the space and fashioned it into a new nail distribution store.

“Situated just two miles from the salon, the new storefront seamlessly complements the established business. With a dedicated shipping room, offices, and ample retail space, it offers a welcoming environment for customers to peruse products. Moreover, the proximity to the salon facilitates synergistic opportunities, fostering cohesion within our operations.

“Speaking of the salon,” Gina continues. “It remains an integral part of our enterprise, housing six full-time nail techs and one hair stylist with the lower level serving as warehouse storage. Additionally, the salon serves a dual purpose as a classroom, where we conduct hands-on classes on Sundays and Mondays.”

Speaking of her commitment to customer care, Gina emphasizes, “At the heart of the business lies a steadfast commitment to quality and customer satisfaction. Specializing exclusively in 100% gel nail products, the team takes pride in offering unparalleled expertise and guidance. With a team of dedicated professionals trained to assist customers in selecting products tailored to their needs, as well as providing comprehensive product knowledge and troubleshooting support, we strive to exceed expectations.”

Taking up nails in 1990, Gina was working full-time as a nail tech at the age of just 17. Hungry for knowledge and skills, Gina’s career has seen her collaborate with renowned artists, grace the nails of A-list celebrities, work as an global educator, international judge and feature in numerous industry magazines. Adding a newly fashioned distribution business alongside her salon and academy Gina, alongside daughters Miranda and Madison, provides high quality gel nail products with continuing support and education. “My goal is to continue building this business offering the highest quality gel nail products and supporting education to nail pros in my area. As I’ve learned over the years, when you are truly passionate about your career the possibilities are endless,” Gina asserts.

Spring Nail Art Blooms Upward


Spring Nail Art Blooms Upward

Nail art tutorial proves 3D looks can be quick and lucrative.

Article by Alisha Rimando | Published in 2024

Spring has finally arrived making way for floral nail designs and soft color palettes.   For nail artists seeking something different to offer, journey into the vibrant world of mixed media nail art with the enticing allure of a simple yet captivating 3D flower design. If you’ve never tried mixed media nail art using acrylic or acrygel systems, you’re in for a delightful surprise at how swiftly you can master this innovative technique. The key lies in the expert guidance of none other than world champion nail artist, Alisha Rimando. Known for her skill and creativity in acrylic medium, Alisha has crafted a step-by-step tutorial that demystifies the process, making 3D designs accessible even to those new to mixed media nail art.

Alisha Rimando’s tutorial not only promises a visually stunning result but also ensures a smooth and uncomplicated learning curve. By breaking down the 3D flower design into tangible stages, she eliminates the intimidation often associated with venturing into the world of three-dimensional nail art. Each step is carefully explained, allowing enthusiasts to follow along effortlessly, regardless of their prior experience. Alisha’s thoughtful approach transforms the intricate into the achievable, making this tutorial a must-try for anyone ready to elevate their nail art skills and all newcomers eager to delve into the world of mixed media nail art.  With a little bit of practice this 3D design can be accomplished in minutes.  So, feel free to upgrade your spring nail services with this impressive 3D look.

Learn the Step-by-Step & Download Workbook

Click to download this Raised Bloom nail tutorial here

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Emerald Agate | Green Is the New Black


Emerald Agate

This St. Patrick's Day-Inspired Nail Art Tutorial Proves That Green Is the New Black

Article by GlossaryLive | Published in 2024

With St. Patrick’s Day on the horizon, your clients are likely on the hunt for some fun and festive nail ideas. Incorporating one of the hottest nail trends of the moment, such as a cool, crystal agate-inspired nail design, is always a solid option.  This green marble nail art look designed by nail artist Alexandra Lepadatu, will have them feeling extra lucky (and stylish) at their upcoming St. Patrick’s Day celebrations.  Whether you pair this elegant nail design with white, black, or nude nails, its subtle beauty will surely elevate their style. Plus, you can totally change up the shade of green to suit your clients’ needs this spring. Below, keep reading for a step-by-step of how to achieve this dreamy green agate manicure.


Start with a white base of gel polish on the nail.


Place lines of white, black and green gel polish on a palette.


Run a liner brush through the lines of gel to marbleize the colors.


Apply blooming gel to the entire nail.


Use an ombré brush to scoop up the gel color design.


Gently wiggle the brush at an angle, across the nail to transfer the design.


Continue to add lighter strokes around the center design. Allow the colors to bloom and soften.


When desired look is achieved, cure the design.


Press foil flakes throughout the design.


Encase the design with gel top coat and cure.


Watch Video & Download Workbook