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Max Estrada

Article by Alisha Rimando | Published in 2024 is thrilled to honor Max Estrada, the founder and CEO of Exclusive Nail Couture and the International Master Director of Global Education, as our Artist of the Month. With well over two decades of expertise, Max’s journey in the nail industry is a testament to his dedication, innovation, and passion for nail artistry and education.

Max Estrada was born into the beauty industry, developing an early fascination with nail products. By the age of five, he was already immersed in trade publications and attending his first trade show. Growing up in his family’s salon in Arizona, Max’s professional career began with a foundation in practical, hands-on experience.

At just 16, Max entered his first professional nail competition, showcasing his impressive acrylic application skills. His confidence and precision earned him a top 10 placement in his division, igniting a drive to continually enhance his craft. This determination has seen Max placing in every competition he enters, always striving to refine nail shapes and develop technologies that simplify the lives of nail artists.

In 2014, Max achieved his ultimate dream by founding Exclusive Nail Couture Professional. His innovative product line has gained national and global recognition, complementing his mission to elevate the nail care industry. Through his company, Max provides cutting-edge tools and products designed to meet the evolving needs of nail professionals.

Max’s contributions to the industry extend beyond product innovation. As a global educator, he shares his extensive knowledge and passion through classes worldwide, inspiring countless nail artists to reach their full potential. His belief that “the best competition to win is the one with yourself” underscores his commitment to personal and professional growth.

Max Estrada’s influence as a trendsetter is evident in his approach to the future of nail artistry. “The nail industry is not about where it has been but where it’s going,” Max states, embodying the forward-thinking vision that drives his success.

Today, Max continues to express his love for the nail industry through each meticulously crafted nail. GlossaryLive is proud to celebrate Max Estrada’s remarkable achievements and his unwavering dedication to the art and education of nails. His journey is truly an inspiration to all aspiring nail artists

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