Glossary Terms


AIRBRUSH [air-bruhsh]

What it is: An air compression machine that forces air through a hose to a hand-held gun that sprays a thin mist of various media, most often paint but can be ink, dye, diluted polish or gel polish. It is held in the hand almost like a pen.
When to use it: When creating nail art that requires a thin application, or an easy way to create color fades or graduations. Also perfect for using with stencils to create intricate art, fast.
How to use it: Airbrushed art is created by holding the airbrush handle and pulling the trigger back at various distances from the nail to spray the color at different opacities. The amount of liquid sprayed is controlled by how far the needle is pulled back with the trigger. Airbrush guns come in two main types, single action (least-expensive option) and dual-action (offers finer control of the spray).
How to disinfect & clean  it: Refer to manufacturer’s directions for specific cleaning for the gun. For general cleaning rinse the airbrush gun with a suitable solvent, using a brush if necessary and wash out the cups/ bottles. Then spray through with a suitable solvent until the airbrush is thoroughly clean. This requires patience. If using many colors, have one airbrush for light colors and one for dark.
How to store it: Store clean & dry.


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