Gold & Blue Marble Textured Gel Art


Gold & Blue Marble Textured Gel Art

Learn how to create this glamorous nail art that will leave everyone in awe.

Article by Alisha Rimando | Published in 2024

Korean nail artist Lee Yeseul’s gold and blue marble textured gel art design is making waves in the beauty world as it perfectly aligns with the spring and summer nail trends. This mesmerizing design is a true standout, combining classic and modern elements in a seamless and sophisticated manner. The white gel base sets the stage for the intricate black marble texture, while the fresh robin blue and sand-colored gels bring a burst of color and vibrancy to the fingertips. Moreover, the real gold foil accents add a luxurious touch, elevating the design to new heights of elegance.

What sets this nail art tutorial apart is Lee Yeseul’s skillful blend of traditional and contemporary aesthetics. The effortless fusion of colors, textures, and accents creates a chic and stylish look that is sure to turn heads. Whether you choose a matte or high-gloss finish, this design exudes sophistication and is perfect for making a statement with your nails.

Follow these simple steps to recreate Lee Yeseul’s coveted gold and blue marble textured gel art design and step into the world of trendy and glamorous nail art that will leave everyone in awe.

Learn the Step-by-Step & Download Workbook

Click to download this Textured Marble Gel nail tutorial here

Spring Nail Art Blooms Upward


Spring Nail Art Blooms Upward

Nail art tutorial proves 3D looks can be quick and lucrative.

Article by Alisha Rimando | Published in 2024

Spring has finally arrived making way for floral nail designs and soft color palettes.   For nail artists seeking something different to offer, journey into the vibrant world of mixed media nail art with the enticing allure of a simple yet captivating 3D flower design. If you’ve never tried mixed media nail art using acrylic or acrygel systems, you’re in for a delightful surprise at how swiftly you can master this innovative technique. The key lies in the expert guidance of none other than world champion nail artist, Alisha Rimando. Known for her skill and creativity in acrylic medium, Alisha has crafted a step-by-step tutorial that demystifies the process, making 3D designs accessible even to those new to mixed media nail art.

Alisha Rimando’s tutorial not only promises a visually stunning result but also ensures a smooth and uncomplicated learning curve. By breaking down the 3D flower design into tangible stages, she eliminates the intimidation often associated with venturing into the world of three-dimensional nail art. Each step is carefully explained, allowing enthusiasts to follow along effortlessly, regardless of their prior experience. Alisha’s thoughtful approach transforms the intricate into the achievable, making this tutorial a must-try for anyone ready to elevate their nail art skills and all newcomers eager to delve into the world of mixed media nail art.  With a little bit of practice this 3D design can be accomplished in minutes.  So, feel free to upgrade your spring nail services with this impressive 3D look.

Learn the Step-by-Step & Download Workbook

Click to download this Raised Bloom nail tutorial here

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Valentine’s Day Nail Inspo


Valentine's Day Nail Inspo

Nail Art Feeds Explode with Valentine's Day Heart-Styled Designs

Article by Alex Fox | Published in 2024

In a heart warming celebration of creativity and love, nail artists from around the world share their Valentine’s nail art designs depicting everything from delicate pastels to bold, vibrant hues. Exploring a spectrum of colors that symbolize the various facets of love, enjoy this gallery of color sensations and innovative textures to inspire you to elevate your art and update your 2024 design menu.

As Valentine’s Day arrives, the culmination of this global effort turns social media feeds into a visual feast of love-themed nail art. Each design tells a unique story, capturing the essence of romance and creativity. In a world where creativity knows no bounds, nail artists prove that even the smallest canvas can become a powerful expression of love and beauty. Let’s spread the love, one nail at a time.

@barbara.szollosi.nails - UK

@_nailsbyemmaa_ - Wales

@lindseysbeautylounge1 - UK

@alyssanailtech - USA

@kuredstudio – UK

@by_hannahtaylor - UK

@lillypalm_ - UK

@pressedbycharlotte_ - UK

@saskiafenwick - UK

@pressedbycharlotte_ - UK

@by_hannahtaylor - UK

@enchantednailsbykellie – UK

@monika_nails – Ireland

@madam_glam – USA

@nellierosenailcare – UK

@kcnailsx – UK

@paznokcieninspoo – Poland

@sugarcoats_nailsbyashleigh - UK

@beautyhaven_byjodie - Wales

@lillypalm_ - UK

@xle.nails – USA

@_radiant_nails_ UK

@gelsbybry - UK

@elize_nails - UK

@alyshanailartist – UK

@pressedbycharlotte_ - UK

@nails_by_dunjahabssaoui – Germany

@toplinenails – USA

@ardentnailspa_2 – USA

@nailsbynancyb – Canada

@home_of_deva – Spain

@irena_pro_nail – Germany

@magdadembska – Poland

@nailgodtoronto – Canada

@studiodrita – Kosovo

@klawsbykate – Canada

@chellys_nails – USA

@barbara.szollosi.nails - UK

@nailedbyliv_ - USA

Nail Trends 2024


Nail Trends 2024

Nail & Beauty Biggest Trends of 2023 & What’s Hot For 2024

Article by Alex Fox | Published in 2023

BEAUTY PIE has released its 2024 Beauty Trends Report, and reveals the top 10 beauty trends that ruled in 2023, as well as the hottest skincare, make-up, hair, body and wellness, and nail trends that are set to be everywhere in 2024.

Now in its second year, experts at the luxury beauty buyer’s club, Beauty Pie, analysed millions of data points for over 300 different trends to create the report, and reveals press on nails, Barbie make-up and heatless waves are three of the biggest trends that shaped the world of beauty in 2023. Looking ahead to 2024 – The Scandi hairline, preppy bob and espresso make-up all feature in the top 10 biggest trends for the new year. Get Ready For The Biggest Nail Trends For 2024 The research shows chrome is here to stay, with lavender chrome nails seeing a popularity increase of 369%, oyster nails have gone up by 161% and nude chrome nails have increased by 128%. The classic French mani also features, but with a twist, as neon French tips, metallic and double French tips all appear in the ranking.

Chocolate Milk Nails

+1,350% @theglitternail

Lavender Chrome Nails

+369% Worn by @beauty_adept Nails by @marmaladenails

Milk Bath Nails

+286% @otakunailtech

Neon French Tip

+189% @gisul_nailedit

Oyster Nails

+161% @thenailwitch

Nude Chrome Nails

+128% @nails.byshadow

Balletcore Nails

+109% @tamaradilullo

Pistachio Nails

+107% @paintedbyjools

Metallic French Tip

+45% @facile.nails

Double French Tip

+45% @ms23beauty

Let’s Review 2023’s Biggest Beauty Trends

Beauty Pie analysed the popularity of different trends on social media platforms and Google to discover the biggest trends of 2023 – combining the total number of TikTok views, Instagram posts, Pinterest boards and the annual search volume on Google over the past 12 months for each trend. Press-on nails have come a long way since they were last popular in the late noughties and with almost 8 billion total engagements, they’re the ‘number one’ biggest beauty trend of 2023 according to the study. This temporary nail art trend quickly sky-rocketed in popularity after Kim Kardashian revealed on Instagram that her iconic stiletto-shaped French mani was all thanks to artificial ‘stick-on’ nails. Since then, the nail trend has been popping up on perfectly manicured hands around the world and has even been spotted on the runways of global fashion weeks. Curtain bangs, with over 4.2 billion engagements is the second biggest beauty trend that’s been everywhere this year, and just behind, with 3.1 billion engagements, is glass skin. Other trends in the top 10 include micro-needling, lymphatic drainage, ceramides and faux freckles.

Top 10 Biggest Beauty Trends of 2023

1. Press-on nails – 7,907,169,916 total engagements

2. Curtain Bangs – 4,214,738,547 total engagements

3. Glass Skin – 3,101,564,216 total engagements

4. Microneedling – 1,710,737,723 total engagements

5. Chrome nails – 1,504,317,315 total engagements

6. Barbie make-up – 1,200,762,049 total engagements

7. Heatless waves – 1,100,086,904 total engagements

8. Lymphatic drainage – 1,001,693,834 total engagement

9. Ceramides – 688,556,835 total engagements

10. Faux freckles – 608,406,040 total engagements

Are you Ready For 2024’s Biggest Beauty Trends

To discover the ingredients, products, techniques, and approaches that will be trending in 2024, Beauty Pie’s research team tracked and analysed Google search volume for hundreds of new trends. By calculating the total number of Google searches over the past six months and comparing it to the previous six months, the beauty experts have revealed, which ones are seeing the biggest spike in popularity in the run-up to 2024.

The Scandi hairline is the top trend that the experts expect to see everywhere next year. Made popular by the likes of Matilda Djerf, the coloring trend involves adding lightener onto the hair that naturally falls onto your face. The result? Better framed features and an instant pop of color to give that Scandi cool glow. Google searches for Scandi hairline have surged by 6,748% ahead of 2024, so it’s definitely one to watch.

Other hair trends also dominate the top 10 – in fact almost half of the trends in the ranking are related to hair styles. The butterfly bob has seen popularity spike by 466%, interest in the preppy bob has increased by 311% and vanilla chai hair has also seen a 257% surge in Google searches ahead of 2024.

Cherry cola lips (+2,215%), espresso make-up (+678%) and balletcore make-up (+253%) are three make-up looks in the top 10, and chocolate milk nails (+1,350%), lavender chrome nails (+369%), and milk bath nails (+286%) are three nail trends that are set to influence 2024.