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Spring Nail Art Blooms Upward


Spring Nail Art Blooms Upward

Nail art tutorial proves 3D looks can be quick and lucrative.

Article by Alisha Rimando | Published in 2024

Spring has finally arrived making way for floral nail designs and soft color palettes.   For nail artists seeking something different to offer, journey into the vibrant world of mixed media nail art with the enticing allure of a simple yet captivating 3D flower design. If you’ve never tried mixed media nail art using acrylic or acrygel systems, you’re in for a delightful surprise at how swiftly you can master this innovative technique. The key lies in the expert guidance of none other than world champion nail artist, Alisha Rimando. Known for her skill and creativity in acrylic medium, Alisha has crafted a step-by-step tutorial that demystifies the process, making 3D designs accessible even to those new to mixed media nail art.

Alisha Rimando’s tutorial not only promises a visually stunning result but also ensures a smooth and uncomplicated learning curve. By breaking down the 3D flower design into tangible stages, she eliminates the intimidation often associated with venturing into the world of three-dimensional nail art. Each step is carefully explained, allowing enthusiasts to follow along effortlessly, regardless of their prior experience. Alisha’s thoughtful approach transforms the intricate into the achievable, making this tutorial a must-try for anyone ready to elevate their nail art skills and all newcomers eager to delve into the world of mixed media nail art.  With a little bit of practice this 3D design can be accomplished in minutes.  So, feel free to upgrade your spring nail services with this impressive 3D look.

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