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Salon Success French

master class

Oana Flutur

Oana Flutur of Galati, Romania began training in nails in 2006, by 2008 it had become her career. Founder of the Oana Flutur Nail Artist Academy & owner of Salon Champion Galati salon, Oana has invented 12 different extreme nail shapes, of which she has registered full author rights. Oana is a nail consultant for brands around the world, is a mentor, much decorated champion tech, international educator and judge.


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Salon Success French

The French manicure is one of the most requested manicure styles of all times as it's the most elegant, clean and versatile of all nail styles. Clients come in all types, tastes, and lifestyles, yet all have worn the French at some point. So, for the French manicure to suit any nail shape, any length and any hand, certain rules must be followed. And although it seems simple, it's actually one of the most difficult manicure styles of all to achieve. The French manicure must be perfect and if the technique is not mastered, the smallest mistake will be noticeable. This is why a master is required to work on this technique in order to create a perfect set of professional sculpted French nails.

"Creating French without any filing is the easiest way to achieve a perfect result without losing time."

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