Master Class, Season 5

Five Style French

master class

Oana Flutur

Oana Flutur of Galati, Romania began training in nails in 2006, by 2008 it had become her career. Founder of the Oana Flutur Nail Artist Academy & owner of Salon Champion Galati salon, Oana has invented 12 different extreme nail shapes, of which she has registered full author rights. Oana is a nail consultant for brands around the world, is a mentor, much decorated champion tech, international educator and judge.


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Five Style French

When nail technicians want to exceed their limitations, to eveolve and move up to another level showcasing much more creativity with extravagant works of art, then this is a place to start. Designed especially for magazines, promotions, posters and presentations, the work must demonstrate advanced techniques with a flawless finish, nail perfection on an extreme nail. Just as fashion designers develop collections that incorporate day wear and extravagnant avant garde shapes and designs, the tech can do this in the nail realm. If a nail pro creates nails with very long length in original shapes and designs that are flawless, then surely their everyday working techniques will be elevated, inproved, admired and shortened.

"I hope these classes inspire you to compete and to have fun in the salon with your clients."

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