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Cris Gherman

GlossaryLive Social Stars Cris Gherman

Cris Gherman

Born in Transylvania, Romania, Cris Gherman has travelled the world since the age of 16 when he left his homeland. A seasoned tattoo artist now living in the USA, Cris took up tattoo artisty over 20 years ago and explored this medium thoughout his life and travels. Cris' favorite style is hyper-realism, whereby he creates collages in photoshop before then manifesting them as unique and abstract tattoos. A contestant on the Ink Master Season 7, Cris is the brains behind the Strencilnator, a product deisgned to remove stencil tattoos. GlossaryLive caught up with Cris to discuss his unique skill of tattooing fingernails.

``Although I still make monthly trips to New York to work, I have fallen in love with the Miami lifestyle. In fact, I have even embraced a bit of a pirate lifestyle by making my home on a sailboat in the beautiful Miami waters. However, I must confess that my seafaring skills are not quite up to par, as I have managed to sink two boats in just three short years due to some powerful storms and hurricanes,`` Cris chuckles.




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