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GlossaryLive 3 Way Buffer
GlossaryLive 3 Way Buffer

THREE-WAY BUFFER [Three-wey-buhf-er]

What it is: A nail buffer that has 3 different grits, usually 400 – 4000 meant to shine the surface of a natural nail or nail enhancement.
How to use it: Use on the natural nail to create a high shine when not using polish. Also used to create a high shine on liquid and powder nail enhancements during nail competitions when top coat isn’t allowed.
How to apply it: Use the lowest grit first to smooth the nail surface. Use the next highest grit for creating a matte sheen to the surface of the nail or enhancement. Use the highest grit side, usually 3000-4000 to create a high shine on the nail.
How to store it: Store new shiners in a covered or sealed container. Used shiners can be disposed of or given to the client for home use.
How to clean: Most nail shiners can not be disinfected and therefore can only be used on one client.