Glossary Terms


TWO-WAY BUFFER [Too-wey-buhf-er]

What it is: A nail buffer that has a different grit on each side, meant to smooth the surface of a nail enhancement.
How to use it: Use to buff the surface of the natural nail in preparation for nail enhancement service, or use after filing a nail enhancement to smooth. Also used to smooth the ridges of a natural nail during a manicure or buffing away debris when removing enhancement product.
How to apply it: Use the lowest grit first to remove scratches from the nail surface. Use the higher grit for smoothing the surface of the nail enhancement..
How to store it: Store new buffers in a covered or sealed container. Used buffers can be disposed of or given to the client for home use.
How to disinfect: Most nail buffers cannot be disinfected & therefore can only be used on one client.