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Kupa Inc UV Desk Lamp
Kupa Inc UV Desk Lamp

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Kupa Inc UV Desk Lamp


UV Duet Lamp

UV DESK LAMP [yoo-vee desk lamp]

What it is: A desk lamp that emits white light for general task lighting and can change to ultra violet light for flash curing nail products.
How to use it: A UV desk lamp can be used on a nail station to provide task lighting for nail services. Because of it’s dual capabilities, it can also be used to flash cure photo-sensitive products such as gels, gel polishes and acrygels by guidling the nails to the light to allow the sensor to initiate the UV light transition. After a programmed amount of time, the UV light will switch back to white light.
How to clean: Gently wipe the lamp with a damp cloth to clean. Spray with a disinfectant when needed. Spot clean the base with acetone if needed.
How to store: Power off and store on a nail station or in a safe place.


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