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GlossaryLive Glossary Term Acrylic Brush
GlossaryLive Glossary Term Acrylic Brush

ACRYLIC BRUSH [uh-kril-ic bruhsh]

What it is: Usually made from natural hairs such as Kolinsky or sable blends of varying quality and used to create liquid and powder nail enhancements or 3D nail art.
How to use it: Used with liquid and powder to sculpt or overlay nail enhancements and 3D nail art.
How to clean: To remove any product or contaminates, dip in monomer and use a wood stick to clean the hairs. Always use a lint-free wipe to absorb excess monomer and bring it back to a point.
How to store it: Store in an aerated covered container or with the brush’s cap to protect the hair. Ensure there is a hole in the end of the cap to allow vapors to escape. Store brush laying flat or with hair pointed down if the cap is on.