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GlossaryLive Acrylic
GlossaryLive Acrylic

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Gotti Full Fusion Acrylic Powder Collection

Acrylic Powder System

ACRYLIC SYSTEM [uh-kril-ik sis-tuhm]

What it is: AKA liquid & powder system. A collection of nail products comprising liquid monomer, polymer powder, primer & pH balancer, used in a professional nail service to create nail enhancements.
How to use it: Acrylic can be used to overlay a natural nail or nail tip, or to sculpt a nail extension. Can also be used for 3D art.
How to apply it: After natural nail preparation, liquid monomer & acrylic powder are mixed & applied to the nail. Once cured the nail is filed & shaped according to the client’s preference.
How to remove it: Soak in acetone according to manufacturer’s directions.
How to store it: Always store according to manufacterer’s instructions.