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Signature Manicure Brush

Clean nails wet or dry

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Tool Kit

E-Nail Couture Manicure Brush

E-Nail Couture Manicure Brush

Ergonomic design with firm bristles

MANICURE BRUSH [man-i-kyoor bruhsh]

What it is: A small brush with firm bristles used for scrubbing and cleaning the fingernails and toenails.
How to use it: Use with water and soap before and during a manicure or pedicure to clean the fingernails and toenails. Use dry for removing filing dust and other particles during a nail enhancement service.
How to disinfect it: Wash with soap and water and dry. Then submerge in hospital grade disinfectant.
How to store it: After disinfection and sanitization, store covered, in a clean dry area.


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