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Assorted Nail Lacquers

PEDICURE [PED-ih-kyoor]

What it is: A cosmetic service performed on the feet by a licensed cosmetologist or nail professional. Can include exfoliating the skin and callus reduction, as well as trimming, shaping and polishing toenails; a pedicure often includes foot massage and can have luxury add-ons for a more specialist treatment such as paraffin wax, heated booties, masques.
Why to use it: A therapeutic service that removes dead and hard callused skin, while shaping and treating toenail conditions. Can be cosmetic and for pampering purposes as well as for physical improvement.


NAIL POLISH [neyl-pol-ish]

What it is: AKA lacquer, enamel. A bottle & brush formula of polymer resins, plastisizers, solvents & pigments that create a hard, flexible nail coating.
How to use it: Used to beautify or strengthen the nail.

How to apply it: Most often used with a base coat, then 2 layers of color, then finished with a shiny or matte top coat.

How to remove it: Apply acetone or polish remover on a cotton pad, then gently press to the nail & slowly pull off the nail polish towards the free edge.

How to store it: Store with lids tightly closed in a cool, dry place & keep away from heat & light.


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