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GlossaryLive Glossary Term Baby Boomer
GlossaryLive Glossary Term Baby Boomer

BABY BOOMER [bay-bee boo-mer]

What it is: This nail art technique fades a natural pink into a soft white.
How to use it: This faded French manicured look can be acheived using nail polish or gel polish for easy removal, or with hard gels, acrygels, or liquid and powder to create a permanent look on for nail enhancements.
How to apply it: Usually the pink color is applied on the nail bed area and faded towards the tip. Then the off-white product is applied to the tip and faded up to cover the smile line and create a soft u-shaped graduation between the two .
How to use it: Removal will depend on what products were used to perform the nail art look. Refer to manufacturer’s instructions to remove nail products.


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