Life on the Free Edge, Season 11

Dafne Fernandez

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Dafne Fernandez

Experience the passion and dedication of Dafne Fernandez, a seasoned competitor, global trainer, and the visionary founder of Stanzy Beauty, as she shares her inspiring journey with Alex Fox. In this captivating interview, Dafne reveals her heartfelt motivation for bringing Nailympia, a prestigious global nail competition celebrating its 20th anniversary, to Mexico.

Discover the driving force behind Dafne's decision to organize and host Nailympia Mexico for the third time in July 2024. Hear her heartfelt commitment to her craft, her country, and her people as she articulates her desire to provide the same opportunities she has experienced to aspiring nail artists in Mexico.

Join Dafne Fernandez and Alex Fox as they delve into the passion and purpose behind Nailympia Mexico, a groundbreaking event that promises to elevate the nail industry in Mexico to new heights. Don't miss out on this unique opportunity to witness firsthand the power of determination and the transformative impact of pursuing one's dreams. Watch now and be inspired to chase your own aspirations!



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