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Easy Butterflies

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Michelle Soto

An industry veteran, Michelle Soto, AKA chellys_nails, began her journey into nails at the age of 12, and by 16 in Puerto Rico, was already trained & had built up experience working in a salon. Now, over 20 years later, Chelly is one of the brains & creatives behind the Valentino Beauty Pure nail brand. Acting as one of its top educators, as an influencer & product developer, celebrity & award-winning manicurist, Chelly is a driving force behind the direction of the brand & an inspirational pull for those searching for a brand that speaks to them. Nail art is Chelly’s forte & her funky, elaborate & intricate styles are simply awe-inspiring.


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Easy Butterflies

Uniquely inspired nail art can be hard to create, but with these fun and easy nail art techniquies from Michelle Soto you may find yourself creating a rainbow of nail art looks in the weeks to come. Watch as Michelle takes you step by step through simplistic techniques that create a perfect ombre of color effects perfect for any nail art look. From two to ten colors, these techniques can be used in a variety of ways to give your nail art designs just the versitily you've been craving.

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