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GlossaryLive Glossary Term Callus Softener
GlossaryLive Glossary Term Callus Softener

CALLUS SOFTENER [KAL-us soff-en-er]

What it is: A corrosive product formulated to soften the thickened skin tissue on the foot prior to reducing and smoothing during a pedicure.
How to use it: Used during a pedicure service to soften hard callused skin on the foot so that it can be easily reduced and smoothed.
How to apply it: Usually squeezed from a bottle or dispensed as a spray directly onto the callus, being careful not to touch any healthy skin tissue.
How to remove it: If needed, wash away with warm soapy water.
How to store it: Store with lids tightly closed in a cool, dry place and keep away from heat and light.


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