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GlossaryLive Cuticle Pusher
GlossaryLive Cuticle Pusher

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Artistic Signature Crystal Pusher

Dual sided, stainless steel, professional implement

PUSHER [poosh-er]

What it is: An implement with a spoon-shaped end, used to gently push back the eponychium to expose the excess cuticle attached to the nail plate.
How to use it: Used at the start of each service to gently push back the surrounding skin to expose the nail plate. Some pushers have a scraping end, shaped like half a nail nipper, that can gently scrape away the dead skin to clean the nail plate.
How to disinfect it: Scrub with soap and water, and dry. Next, submerge in hospital grade disinfectant for the recommended amount of time, then remove, rinse, dry and store.
How to store it: After disinfection and sanitization, store covered, in a clean dry area.


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