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John Hauk

As the expert behind Cruise with the Nail Stars, Cincinnati based nail artist and educator John Hauk has led a successful and eclectic nail career. With over 29 years experience as an educator and compeitior, John has accumulated over 300 awards and achieved #1 competitor of the year twice after winning the Nail Pro team cups. Currently an international judge and owner of Royalty Beauty salon, he continues to collaborate with world renown artists to bring nail education and fun to the open seas.


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John Hauk demonstrates the steps to creating a traditional pink & white nail using the liquid & powder acrylic system. With clear & pink powders and French white nail tips, the tip & overlay technique of enhancement shines. John preps the nail plate with a 180-grit buffer and sizes the nail tip for a perfect, snug fit. Application of the clear bead onto the free edge, followed by the pink bead for the nail plate is showcased, with tips for creating that perfect c-curve and filing hints and tips for creating a perfect salon enhancement.

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