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GlossaryLive Master Class John Hauk Back-fill

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Angela Wilden

As the expert behind Cruise with the Nail Stars, Cincinnati based nail artist and educator John Hauk has led a successful and eclectic nail career. With over 29 years experience as an educator and compeitior, John has accumulated over 300 awards and achieved #1 competitor of the year twice after winning the Nail Pro team cups. Currently an international judge and owner of Royalty Beauty salon, he continues to collaborate with world renown artists to bring nail education and fun to the open seas.


Since back-fills are one of the most performed services in the salon, John Hauk provides a clear and straightforward tour of the process. John performs the procedure on a client with 3-5 weeks of growth on an acrylic (liquid & powder) sculptured nail. Guiding through the steps of carefully filing away the existing product to prepare the nail for a new application. This lesson help strengthen your skill and understanding of the service and provide tips and tricks from an industry veteran will 30 years of salon experience.

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