Master Class, Season 4

Salon Bling

master class

Max Estrada

Max Estrada was born into the beauty industry and always had a strong belief in nail education and artistry. He started playing with his mother’s nail products and reading trade publications at a young age before starting his career in his family’s salon in Arizona. Entering his first competition at the tender age of 16 and already sporting quick and accurate acrylic techniques, Max placed in the top 10. Full of determination and a goal to improve his skills as well as conquer the competitive world of nails, Max focused on refining the nail shape and developing nail technologies that make the nail artist’s life easier. In 2014, Max invented his own product line, Exclusive Nail Couture Professional and today runs classes across the globe and online. An industry trendsetter, Max says, “The nail industry is not about where it has been, but where it’s going.”


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Salon Bling

Max Estrada, dubbed the king of nail and all things pink, takes us on a sparkling journey into the world of bling. It's no surprise that shine and glitter can catch your eye, but at times it can be confusing as to what's too much when it comes to salon nail styling. In this episode of Crystal Obsession we understand how to balance the bling and learn how to keep those stones on for two full weeks. Learn tips and tricks from this veteran nail artist on how to bring some bling to your salon nails.

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