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Artistic Signature Crystal Pusher

Dual sided, stainless steel, professional implement

E-Nail Couture Tweezer

Precision Application And Multiple Use

E-Nail Couture Cuticle Nipper

Precision Designed

E-Nail Couture pink multi use scissors

E-Nail Couture Scissors

A Multitude Of Uses

MULTI-USE IMPLEMENT [muhl-tee-yooz, im-pluh-muhnt]

What it is: Also known as reusable implements; these are tools used in a nail service that are generally stainless steel and must be properly cleaned and disinfected between clients.

How to disinfect: After each client, sanitize implements by washing in hot soapy water and scrubbing with a nylon brush. Dry with a clean towel. Next submerge in disinfectant for the manufacturer’s recommended time.  Remove the implements from disinfectant, rinse, pat dry and store.


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